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Wednesday May 06, 2015

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Similar Authors is a free service designed to promote reading by providing information about authors similar to those you already love, also known as readalikes. Simply enter an authors name in the search area at the top of each page, click Search, and view a list of similar authors compiled from numerous libraries, research, and other avid readers like yourself!


Featured Author: James Patterson

The following are authors similar to James Patterson. Click on an author's name (if available) to read a short biography and see a partial list of their books. Click on the stars to rate their similarity, or click on the spade to see more similar authors!

Stuart Woods
Find authors similar to Stuart  Woods
Mary Higgins Clark
Find authors similar to Mary Higgins Clark
Tom Clancy
Find authors similar to Tom  Clancy
John Grisham
Find authors similar to John  Grisham
Nicolas Sparks
Find authors similar to Nicolas  Sparks
Janet Evanovich
Find authors similar to Janet  Evanovich
John Connolly
Find authors similar to John  Connolly
Dean Koontz
Find authors similar to Dean  Koontz
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